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514 592-6465

We are generally open from 3pm to 3am, 7 days per week. The ladies have no set schedules. To inquire about availability and to schedule, the best time to call is about 4pm of the evening that you are interested in.

For appointments of 3 hours or longer, we can try to schedule ahead, but the girls' tendencies to honor advance appointments are inconsistent. If you are willing to accept this inconsistency, then do give us a direct call about 3 days ahead of your appointment.

Our fees are all inclusive with no hidden charges. All fees cover the full time with no short hours.

Rates effective 2012-04-02

 1 hourC$ 220(US$ Call)
 1.5 hoursC$ Call(US$ Call)
 2 hoursC$ Call(US$ Call)
 3 hoursC$ Call(US$ Call)
 4 hoursC$ Call(US$ Call)

For couples (not two gentlemen), the fees are

 1 hourC$ Call(US$ Call)

For 2 girls, our all inclusive price is

 1 hourC$ Call(US$ Call)
 2 hoursC$ Call(US$ Call)

We also have girls who can do toy shows.

Please call us directly for information on the girls who can do doubles or toys.

For longer sessions, please call our operators in advance.

US exchange rates updated 2012-04-02. Please confirm rate when booking, and provide exact change.